Saturday, December 26, 2009



Sunday, December 13, 2009

Faster Come Back.

I miss you.

It's so weirdd .

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Threee fuckin' awesomeee bands are coming to Singapore Soon Mann! Wooots.

From the top:
  • Green Day
  • Rise Against
  • Muse

Today i feel exceptionally happy. You know whyyyyy?
Hmmmm Yesterdayyy just brought back
a nice looking Cherry Red Bass Guitar
from a guy on soft. Went to YCK to collect it.
He wanted me to go into his condo.
Brought michael since his house was like steps awaayy.
Me paid= $30, Bro paid=$30, dad paid=$20.

okayyy andd thennnn todayyyy!
Just like few minutes ago,
just came back from buying an
Ipod 2nd Generation Dockk thingyy.
It is superrr old school lahhh i love it.
Obviously, it doesnt play fucking videos and
fucking games and stuff but it is veryyyy
good looking. Kinda like me.
It's now currently charging underneath me now.

Babyy is going out for holidayys like next monthhh.
It's going to be a few days of feeling weird .
No one to text and talk to. :(
Nevermind ahh, i kacau ain. hehehehheehhehe.
She say i can use her handphone while
she is all the way in where ever she is. Awesomeeee Much.?

>.< style="color: rgb(51, 204, 0);">GRRRRRRRRRRrr.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

gigs you all !


Sorrry i was like MIA for soo longg. (if anyone even noticeddd).
Today followwedd byyy go collect some stufff and then sent her home.
Short while onlyyy. But still got her good-ness.

Anyways, our band has a few shows lined-up this hoolidays people.
You guys must come downn for at least one! Be a goodddddddd human being and purchase the tix.
Dates are: 6th 12th 20th December. Venue is Blackhole for all gigs.
For some reason it is hot spot. GRRRRr.
So yeah! Be sure you guys come down.

for more info, visit
We have like new setlist and stuff. wouldnt be too much the same from the rest.

I really cannot decide to Get an audio interface or a digital recorder!
Hmmpf. An audio interface allows me to multi track recording. Give me the great feel of like
jiwe recording. where we can experiment with sounds, tracks, fill ins and stuff.
Or the recorder would be great for recording jammming sessions and even gigs!
Both are really awesome but for interface, i have to also follow up iwth good condenser mics,
blah blah blahhhhhhhhh. whereas the recorder is just suaaaa.
For now, i am really leanning towarrds the Recorder Zoom H2.
GRRRrrr Driving me nuts know.

iloveyousomuchbaby! :D

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Update already syg again.

i smell paint.
My dad is repainting my parent's room.
well i've got people asking me to update my blog so here it is.

By the way, check out the new blog site for Blank Canvas Shoe Co. (ex Blinc Shoe Co)
Anyways recently faizal told me about this movie called Paranormal Activity.
The whole movie is through this guy's High Def video camera.
it film the couple's haunting. It's a movie which really gets you freaking paranoid.
Must watch go !

22nd October was Farahin's birthdayyy.
and 21st turned 5th month for byyy n me. ;) mwah.
We talked things out and things became normal again. if not, things became much better. :D
hehehe. awesomeeeexxxxscxcxcxzxZzzzxxx huh? :D

We started working. Yesterday was first day.
Banquet. Chinese Dinner.
Wasn't so bad. i was okayyyyy.

I would like to post video of the week now !
I think i am going to do this every single week.
I think i am abit outdated with this video but i like it.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Post Exams Update

Exams are over.
i love you baby so much. i am so sorry things turn out this way.
i thought i was going to be like jumping right now.
i don't feel like it.
Things are changed.
Somethings wont be there anymore.
Who am i going to share the joy with ?
Things are going to get really
quiet and things will
certainly be different.
I wish things can go back like there were before.
i'm not going to like it though.
I'll be waiting okayy.